Digital Stories

// Meet the Health Warriors

Digital Stories allows you a chance to see into the lives of people who have found success as health professionals.

  • Alyssa Biasini,

    Open wide and take a journey with Alyssa Biasini, a third year dentistry student. Learn how Alyssa came to be in the dentistry program and her future plans for work here in the province.

  • Shey Eagle Bear,

    Shey's story goes from a dream of being an Optometrist to being a surgeon. Meet Shey as a first year medical student with intentions of giving back to his community and to be a role model to today's youth.

  • Lisa Bourque - Bearskin,

    Following along with Lisa Bourque - Bearskin as she takes you through her nursing career; starting as a homemaker to where she is today as a PhD student and Nursing Instructor at the University of Alberta.

  • Lindsay Beaudry,
    Respiratory Therapy

    Watch Lindsay's promising story, creating a wonderful journey from high school rebel who was barely in class to a successful and highly regarded Respiratory Therapist.

  • Nicole Cardinal,

    With caring hands and a strong and steady voice, follow Nicole's story of her journey from Bachelor of Science student at Concordia to a medical student hoping to practice rural medicine in her own community.

  • Renee Jansen,

    It's never to late to go back to school. Watch Renee's inspiring tale of never giving up on your dreams as she pursues a nursing career after a successful public service career in Canada's north.