About the Health Warriors Network

Why does the Network exist?

This project is intended to get Aboriginal youth and young adults interested in the various healthcare professions in Alberta, and the educational route required to enter those professions. Our audiences are Aboriginal youth in transition, young students from grades 8-9, high school students, interested people and healthcare professionals. The goal of the new media site is to create an online portal for active participation, fresh and interesting content, good and well-designed information, Aboriginal friendly design, multiple entry points for various audiences, and a feeling and sense of community for the betterment and education of all stakeholders to increase attraction and retention to the various health care professions.

The Health Warriors Network means to increase the number of First Nations, M├ętis, and Inuit entering into and working in health careers. We plan to achieve this objective through the creation and implementation of a virtual, online community that will stimulate dialogue and debate about this issue as well as provide the much needed supports and resources to Aboriginal people transitioning (and/or considering a transition) into a health career.